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Bountygate is about to come crashing down around Roger Goodell’s ears, ass, and ankles. It isn’t going to matter anymore whether or not the Saints are guilty, so we can stop defending them now. Because the Louisiana legislature is on the case.

The legislature passed a “concurrent resolution” (which is legal jargon for “oh, by the way”) sponsored by Rep. Cameron Henry, R-Jefferson, that “urges the league to reconsider the penalties imposed.” Urges. As in, “you just gotta, Roger, you just gotta!” I mean, how can he hold out against that kind of legal pressure? The Louisiana legislature! A chicken is not an animal!

Okay, moving along. The Saints held a minicamp, after which coaches did their best to tamp down any residual angst by assuring us everything would be all right and there were uncut gems aplenty on the roster. Both Pat Y and Nakia Hogan of the T-P have long articles on this. Among other things, it seems Coach Spagnuolo is high on three undrafted safety prospects:

“That’s a good group,” he said Monday. “There are three guys that the pro personnel department signed after the draft, three young guys. I just said this to Mickey (Loomis) this morning that that’s as good a group of three post-draft that you could get. Now where we’ll go or what will happen, who knows. We’ve still got to get in there and compete, but I thought all those guys—Jose Gumbs, Jerico Nelson, Johnny Thomas—all did enough things to say, ‘These guys have a chance.’ So we’ll see.”

Good news for Harper haters: your deliverance is at hand. Jose Gumbs is here. Hey, you never know. Could happen.

But it won’t happen for Dan Hoch, Nick Howell, Stephen Johnson, Phil Trautwein and Josh Victorian, because they were cut after minicamp. On the other hand, Hutch Eckerson, Nick Hixson, Lawrence Wilson, and DeOn’t@E P’anNel-L were signed. So things are percolating.

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